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 30A VNH2SP30 Monster h bridge stepper motor driver
30A VNH2SP30 Monster h bridge stepper motor driver
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Description: . This IS Essentially A ramped up Version of Our Ardumoto Motor Driver Shield We've REPLACED this Monster at The L298 H-Bridge A pair of VNH2SP30 with Full-Bridge Motor Also the Drivers We've beefed up at The Support Circuitry SO. this board is capable of driving a pair of high-current motors! The VIN and motor out are pitched for our 5mm screw terminals (not included), making it easy to connect larger gauge wires.

Note: the When a using the this Board in Extreme High-Demand Applications IT May BE Necessary to Improve Thermal Performance with A Heat-Sink or Fan and to Solder at The Wires Directly to at The Board INSTEAD of a using A Screw Terminal (in Addition to at The Myriad OTHER Complications present in a high-current system) However, when using the board at currents up to 6A the chips will barely become noticeably warm.


Voltage max: 16V
Maximum current rating: 30 A
Practical Continuous Current: 14 A
Current sensing available to Arduino analog pin
MOSFET on-resistance: 19 mO (per leg)
Maximum PWM frequency: 20 kHz
Thermal Shutdown
Undervoltage and Overvoltage shutdown
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