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 MQ-3 MQ3 alcohol sensor module Breath Gas Detector
MQ-3 MQ3 alcohol sensor module Breath Gas Detector
SKU : MQ3M-B204
Stock : 24pcs
Price:PKR 300.00
MQ-3 MQ3 alcohol sensor module Breath Gas Detector Ethanol Detection Arduino SS The main chip: LM393, MQ-3 gas sensor
Operating voltage: DC3-5V
Response time:=10s(70% Response)
ReCovery time:=30s(70% Response)
Heating resistance:31O±3O
Heating Current:=180mA
Heating Voltage:5V±0.2V
Heating Power:=900mW
detect Voltage:=15V
Ambient Temperature:-10? to 65?,
Storage conditions: Temperature:-20?-70?,Humidity:= 70%RH
1 x Module
Signal output instructions;
Dual signal output (analog output, and TTL level output);
TTL output valid signal is low, can be connected directly to the microcontroller;
0 ~ 5V analog output voltage, the higher the concentration the higher the voltage;
Has a high sensitivity and good selectivity to ethanol vapor;
Has a long life and reliable stability;
Rapid response reCovery characteristics;
Package included:
1 X Ethanol Sensor
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