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 XT150 (6mm) Gold Plated Connectors for Battery ESC
XT150 (6mm) Gold Plated Connectors for Battery ESC
SKU : XT150-C73
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Price:PKR 350.00
XT150s are big 6mm sprung gold plated connectors that have a large contact area, making them great for high power applications up to 150A!
The male connector uses a collet style spliced contact area to provide more surface to surface contact than standard gold connectors which use a thin mushroomed sheet as a spring.

 Fits wire diameter up to 5.3mm
 Max. current 150A

3x Male and 3x Female XT150 (6mm gold plated bullet connectors inside)
Modular connectors
Solder and soldering iron

When connected
Length: 1.58" (40mm)
Width: 1.22" (31mm)
Thick: .39" (10mm)
Weight: 26g
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