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 Micro 5V Miniature Solenoid Push Pull
Micro 5V Miniature Solenoid Push Pull
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Micro 5V Miniature Solenoid Push Pull

DC 5V 6V Push-Pull Type Inhaled Micro Solenoid Electromagnet

Material Metal+Plastic
Size 10.8mm*7mm*5mm
Shaft diameter 2mm
Working voltage DC5-6V
Working current about 350mA
The electromagnet has a strong magnet in the trailing end portion.No power supply status,magnet attracts the shaft, when power on, magnetic coil to generate magnetic
force to offset the magnets, shaft can be easily moved in the shaft hole(no spring in shaft hole).
Vending machines, banking ATM, transport equipment, office facility, household appliance, mechanical, embroidery machines, intelligent lock, juice bread maker, textile machines, cash register or other automatic control devices, automation equipments.

Note: This electromagnet allows only a short time powered.
Package Included:
1 x Push Pull Solenoid Electromagnet
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