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 Pair of Multimeter Test Probe Leads Banana Plug Co
Pair of Multimeter Test Probe Leads Banana Plug Co
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Pair of Multimeter Test Probe Leads Banana Plug Connectors 1000V 10A

Pair of multimeter replacement cable leads Red and Black. Fits most standard multimeters, please check specifications for size and diameter of the plug connectors. Copper conductor in silicone shielding, heat resistant plastic leads with sharp metal ends.


Universal multimeter accessory test lead kit
Multimeter test lead kits include 2 module test probes, 2 group long insulated test cable, excellent anti-interference function
Test lead kit adopted with standard diameter plug, suitable for universal measurement
Color: Red with Black as shown in the picture

Red and black color leads
Cable length: 58cm (without plugs or leads)
Plug external diameter: 8mm
Plug internal diameter: 6mm
Internal plug metal conductor: 3mm-4.5mm banana plug
Lead length: 10.5cm
Rated as 1000V Max, 10A Max, CAT III 1000V
Metal conductors

Soft rod, full-sheath, 
cross-head socket to ensure the effectiveness of the connection
cable length 61.5cm, 
pen length 9cm, 
effective probe 1.5cm 
total length 72CM

Weight: 29.2G
CAT III 1000V 10A
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