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 15g Solid Rosin Welding Soldering Flux Paste High-
15g Solid Rosin Welding Soldering Flux Paste High-
SKU : SIP1-D142
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Price:PKR 20.00
High purity rosin solder paste environmental protection acid-free

Solder Iron or element surface oxidation,not easy adhesion of tin and the next welding, with rosin can quickly remove oxidation,making components more easily by welding, the effect is obvious
Material:Natural resin
Viscosity: 100(Pa·S)
Granularity: 50(um)
Melting point: 125 ?
Neutral PH 7?0.3
.High Quality
.Fluxing excellent results,joint high intensity
.Good insulation
.No corrosion,IC and PCB for no corrosive
.Smooth welding surface
.No deterioration and no dry
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