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 Tmd27713 Face Proximity Sensor Illumination IR LE
Tmd27713 Face Proximity Sensor  Illumination IR LE
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Tmd27713 ALS Face Proximity Illumination light Sensor IR LED

1. Ambient Light Sensing, ProximityDetection, and IR LED in a Single OpticalModule
2. Ambient Light Sensing (ALS) 
----Approximates Human Eye Response
----Programmable Analog Gain
----Programmable Integration Time
----Programmable Interrupt Function with Upper and Lower Threshold
----Up to 16 Bits Resolution
----Very High Sensitivity - Operates Behind Darkened Glass
----Up to 1,000,000:1 Dynamic Range
3. Proximity Detection
----Calibrated to 100mm Detection
----Eliminates Factory Calibration of Prox
----Programmable Number of IR Pulses
----Programmable Current Sink for the IR LED - No Limiting Resistor Needed
----Programmable Interrupt Function with Upper and Lower ThresholdD
4. Programmable Wait Timer
----Wait State - 65mA Typical Current
----Programmable from 2.72ms to >8 Seconds
----I2C Interface Compatible Up to 400 kHz (I2C Fast Mode)
----Dedicated Interrupt Pin
----3.94 mm y 2.4 mm y 1.35 mm Package
----Sleep Mode - 2.5 mA Typical
1. Cell Phone Backlight Dimming
2. Cell Phone Touch Screen Disable
3. Notebook/Monitor Security
4. Automatic Speakerphone Enable
5. Automatic Menu Popup
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