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 HP5212 High torque Stepper motor 0.5Nm 1.8 degree
HP5212 High torque Stepper motor 0.5Nm 1.8 degree
SKU : SM07-G17
Stock : 57pcs
Price:PKR 1250.00
HQ high torque Stepper motor 0.5 Nm 1.8 degree 42 Two-phase four-wire
We just guess from its 12V short-circuit current is 2.2A, the internal resistance is about 2.4 ohms, the working current of this motor is about 2 A, then it is adapted to medium speed, The stepping motor with pulse frequency has a torque of about 0.5 Nm, which is a very good stepper motor. these kind of stepper motors are widely used in CNC and 3D printers.

Stepper motor specifications: 42 MM
Light motor height: 47 MM
Output shaft: 5 MM (flat position is 4.5MM)
Output shaft length: 13.5 MM
Step angle: 1.8
Resistance: 2.4 ohms
Lead wire: two-phase four-wire
Line length: 200 MM
(The red and yellow lines are phase A, and the blue and blue lines are phase B)
12V short circuit current: 2.2 A
Torque: 0.5 Nm (estimated)

Weight: 355 g
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