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 TYC-60IR 60A MPPT Solar Charge Controller 12V24V48
TYC-60IR 60A MPPT Solar Charge Controller 12V24V48
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TYC-60IR 60A MPPT Solar Charge Controller 12V24V48V Auto Recognition MPPT Charge Controller TYC-50IR with LCD Display for Lead-Acid/Lithium/Gel Battery

Solar Charge Controller Uses the latest Maximum Power Point Tracking(MPPT) algorithm to track the solar panel power point in real time, with high tracking efficiency no less than 99.73%; the charging efficiency is up to 99%. Ultra-fast tracking speed; accurately recognizing and tracking of multiple power point.
?Easy Monitor and Operate? LCD Display--clear to see operating data and working condition, Real-time energy statistics function with Multiple load control modes,Chinese and English, multi-function LCD screen and operation menu.can display record query, fault query, power curve, current curve, daily and cumulative power generation.
?Powerful? Parameters can be set directly on the control panel,such as battery type, DC output, factory reset, language, brightness, light time control, etc.Supports Real-time energy statistics function.Can also set the corresponding charging parameters according to different batteries and different voltages, perfect protection of the battery, extend battery life.
?Protection Function?MPPT Charge Controller supports PV array short circuit protection, over voltage protection, over current reverse connection protection, battery over charge protection, reverse connection protection, under voltage protection, overload protection, over temperature protection.
?Wide Application?MPPT Solar Charge Controller Supports a variety of battery voltage: support 12V, 24V, 36V, 48V, 72V, 96V series batteries.Can charge all kinds of batteries: can be used for lead-acid, colloid, lithium battery and other batteries.Three-stage charging, constant current, constant voltage and floating charging can effectively protect the battery and improve its service life.

Rated voltage:12/24/48V Auto
Rated current:TYC-60IR:60A
Maximum protection current:TYC-60IR:62A
Battery voltage identification range:12V(DC9-DC15V);  24V(DC18-DC30V); 48V(DC36-DC60V)
MPPT Operating voltage range:12V (DC18V~DC150V);24V(DC34V~DC150V);48V(DC65V-150V);
Maximum PV input power:
PV input low voltage protection point/PV input low pressure recovery point:12V:DC16V;24V:DC30V;48V:DC60V; 
Limit input voltage:DC170V
PV input overvoltage protection point:DC175V 
PV input overvoltage recovery point:DC170V
charging method:3 stage :constant currenet(MPPT),equalizing charge,float charge
System type:12/24/48V20-60A Automatic identify
Static power consumption:2W
Machine efficiency:96.5 %;99 %
PV module utilization:99.97%
Float voltage (can be customized):12V(13.75V);24V(27.5V)48V(55V);
Equalizing charge voltage(can be customized):12V(14.2V);24V(28.4V);48V(56.8V);96V
Recommended PV module voltage:12V(18V-60V);24V(36V-72V);48V(72V-144V)
Temperature compensation:-3mV?/2V
Temperature protection:85?
Security Level:CE, PSE, FCC, EMC
Mechanical protection class:IP21
Optional battery type:IP21 
Product Size:260*192*80mm/10.2*7.6*3.1in

Package list:
1*Solar Charge Controller
1* temperature sensor
1* English instruction manual 
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