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 GG-5 11mm Melt Glue Gun Black 100W Power Switch Di
GG-5 11mm Melt Glue Gun Black 100W Power Switch Di
SKU : GG100W-W2A
Stock : 43pcs
Price:PKR 700.00
GG-5 11mm Melt Glue Gun Black 100W With Power Switch Dispensing Equipment Manual Special Hot Melt Glue Gun

1. High-tech ceramic PTC thermistor is used as a heating element, which heats up quickly and then automatically constant temperature, saving energy consumption and prolonging service life, which can be used continuously.
2.It can be used normally between 100V-240V voltage, it is not restricted by voltage fluctuation, and it is safer to use.
3.The design of the handle conforms to the principle of human hand dynamics, it feels good, and it is not fatigued for a long time.
4. Power: 100w with power switch
5.Applicable glue stick: diameter 11MM 

Application of glue gun products:
Handicrafts, cloth, accessories, artificial flowers, models, plush toys, stuffed toys, PC boards, electronic parts, leather products, ceramic products, ceramic tiles, plastics, plastics, PVC, acrylic, ABS, metal, aluminum flakes, food packaging, Carpentry wood, furniture, paper, cardboard, cartons, stone.

1.This series of products can be applied to the diameter of F11mm of the glue stick.

2.Insert the glun bar from the end of the glue gun and send it to the barrel.Insert the power and preheat 5minutes later,put the triggerlt can extrude the sol and control the amount of adhesive.

3.In the process of the use,if one can not use a glue bar,then the rubber strips need not been taken out,and the next time they are used Plug in the power and use it 5-8 minutes before heating.

.This product uses hightech ceramic PTC thermistor as heating element,heating speed is fast.PTC heat sensitive when the temperature is increased to the desigh temperature of the glue gun,the resistor is not automatically rising,and the heating body can be prevented from being heated .The damage caused by the heat to the glue gun saves energy consumption and prolongs the servives life.
2.The product's electrical insulation strength in the power 3750v/minutes without breakdown,between 100v-240v the utulity model can be used normally in flow ir direct current power supply,and is not limited by voltage fluctuation,and the bulit in safety fuse is used more security.
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