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 DIY plastic gears 75 kind of pulley gear set Crown Gear Single Double Reduction
DIY plastic gears 75 kind of pulley gear set Crown Gear Single Double Reduction
Stock : 48pcs
Price:PKR 700.00
A selection of 75 kinds of gear, Containing the different worm, straight teeth, the spindle gear, crown gear, double reduction gear. And many more as shown in photo

This is 75pcs. Gears Assorted Kit for DIY Robotics and Household Repair. The Gear Package includes a spindle, single/double crown gear, pulley, rack, bevel gear, copper gear, bushings, axles, tires, rubber bands and so on, and more accessories that you need for DIY toy cars/robots/motors.
There is multipurpose use of these gears like you can use them to fix the toys, Great for DIY science and small production, product design and mechanical model.
Most gear is 2mm aperture (tight or loose), in addition to the two-spindle hole is 2.3mm and 3.17mm. It includes worm gears, crown gears and a couple of other gears, suitable for DIY model production technology. This is the most complete gear set, which includes 75 kinds of gear parts. It can meet your DIY needs.
These gears are used in laboratories, science education, DIY models and RC-airplane/helicopter repair, as well as many household repairs like old music systems etc., it is a great toolkit for promoting DIY abilities, and improving children’s, teen’s hands-on skills and divergent thinking.

Applications DIY small production, product design, mechanical model samples science, necessary gear parts package.

Package include:
19X Double Reduction Gear(each one)
12X Single Reduction Gear(each on)
11X Crow Gear(each one)
2x Worm Gear(each one)
9X Spindle Gear(each one)
7X Belt Pulley(each one)
6X Axle Sleeve(each one)
5X Belt(each one)
2X Connectiong Rack(each one)
1X Tee Collar
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