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 Professional Resin Grinding Wheel Cut off Cutting
Professional Resin Grinding Wheel Cut off Cutting
SKU : Dcutter-G85
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Price:PKR 50.00
Professional, safe, efficient, low consumption.
High tensile strength, impact strength and flexural strength.
Cutting speed, smooth cutting, long life and smooth section.
Good cutting performance and durability.
Applicable industries: machinery, automotive, shipbuilding, metallurgy, chemical and other industries.
Binder: full resin.
Abrasive: brown corundum.
Auxiliary materials: Glass fiber.
Line Velocity (Max): 80m/s, 15200 r.p.m.
External diameter: 105mm/4.13in.
Thickness: 2.0mm/0.08in.
Internal hole diameter : 16mm/0.63in.
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