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 RP-C7.6 Thin Film FSR Pressure Sensor Smart Pressu
RP-C7.6 Thin Film FSR Pressure Sensor Smart Pressu
SKU : FSR7.6-B164
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Thin Film FSR Pressure Sensor Smart Pressure Sensing RP-C7.6-ST Plantar Pressure Kegel Smart Insole Self Balancing Arduino

In order to achieve a better user experience, designing smart products with ergonomics, long battery life and excellent weather resistance in a small and irregular space undoubtedly brings a lot of challenges to designers. Ultra-thin, ultra-low power flexible sensors can help designers turn ideas into reality.

The flexible sensor collects dynamic or static force changes. By analyzing these force data, the most realistic motion scenarios can be restored at the application end to achieve precise counting, non-inductive touch, and weak vibration detection.

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