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 Digital Thermometer Alarm Medical Body Temperature
Digital Thermometer Alarm Medical Body Temperature
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Safely measure your temperature, and accurately measure the temperature of your baby with the digital ear thermometer from A + D. It is suitable for in-ear, oral, or under arm temperature measurement, so you have a choice on how best to monitor your health. The large digital display clearly displays the measured body temperature so you can keep yourself informed on your own health, and the health of your loved ones.
the measurement accuracy is 0.1 degrees, with sound prompts, memory function.
Press the power button, the buzzer will beep, display the prompt symbol 3: Then, the display shows the temperature of the last measurement, And continue for 2 minutes, then the display °C symbol flashes, indicating that it is in the state to be measured 4: Put the thermometer sensing head into the measurement area, the display shows that the temperature gradually rises. At the same time, the °C symbol flashes to indicate that the measurement is in progress. If a continuous 16-millimeter temperature does not change during the measurement, the °C symbol stops blinking, indicating that the body temperature measurement is completed and the measurement result has been memorized. Then the displayed temperature value 5 can be read. After the measurement is completed, if the power button is not pressed, the power is turned off. 8 minutes after the automatic shutdown, it measures only in C not in F.

Fast and accurate, Audible Sound, Easy to use
The body's temperature is a good measure of your general health.
The Medical Digital Oral Thermometer can detect high and low body temperature
 To help you monitor the effectiveness of fever reducing medication.
It can also help to plan for pregnancy by determining if a woman is ovulating.
Temperature range from 32°C to 39°C
Fast read time - under 20 seconds!
Can be used orally, under the armpit. Ideal for all ages.
Complete with clear storage case.
 Battery included ready to use. CE Certified.

 weight about 11g
 Dimensions: 120 length * 15 width * 10 thickness

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