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 AC 220V 30W Soldering Iron Pencil Welding Tip
AC 220V 30W Soldering Iron Pencil Welding Tip
SKU : SI4-F10AS5
Stock : 134pcs
Price:PKR 400.00
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Pencil Welding Tip Soldering Iron 220AC 30W

30W Horseshoe head soldering iron.
Fever fast, handle lightweight, elegant.
stable performance, stainless steel housing, fast heat dissipation.
Unique structure, handle low temperature, feel comfortable.
High insulation, long life, fast heating heat, not easy to damp leakage, handle lightweight.
 Material: Plastic handle electric iron
Color: blue
Length: Approx. 21.5cm/8.46"(30W)
Power: 30W
Input voltage: 220V

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