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 carbon glass fiber 3mm Rod RC airplane glider
carbon glass fiber 3mm Rod RC airplane glider
SKU : RCR3.0-F6
Stock : 1480pcs
Price:PKR 60.00
3.0 mm diameter high modulus carbon fiber rod available. These pultruded carbon fiber composite rods have a high fibre content of high modulus carbon in an epoxy matrix, making them extremely rigid and strong.
Diameter: 3mm
length: 64cm 640mm
weight: 8g
Structural material T300 carbon fibers
Matrix Epoxy resin
Carbon content Approx. 60%
Youngs Modulus 230 GPa
Ultimate tensile strength 1600-2300 mPa
Fibre density 1.4 - 1.8 g/cm3
Resin glass transition Tg 170º C
Packing type Rigid-usually sent in a postal tube
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