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 Bubble Spirit Level Circular Bullseye Inclinometer measuring level
Bubble Spirit Level Circular Bullseye Inclinometer measuring level
SKU : CBSL2-G55S11
Stock : 89pcs
Price:PKR 600.00
Bubble Spirit Level, 60x12mm Circular Bullseye Level Inclinometers

This round spirit level has a plastic casing and neon green interior. The level has a diameter of 60 mm and a height of 12 mm. The bubble indicates whether something is level in all horizontal directions. Indispensable in many activities!

The level can be used stand-alone but this tool can also be permanently attached to any object that needs to be leveled. These spirit levels are frequently used with (sailing) boats, caravans and motor homes.
Made of high quality PMMA
Waterproof finish
size: 60x12mm
No glue or adhesive is included
The circular vial has registration markings
Applications: Platform levelling, lndustrial vehicle levelling, precision Instrument levelling , adjust the LCD mounts, set-top boxes, hangin, camera tripods, compass levelling, construction levels, building tools, cross Axis levelling

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