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 12v 6A LED controller light dimmer IR infrared 12 key mini l dimmer switch breat
12v 6A LED controller light dimmer IR infrared 12 key mini l dimmer switch breat
SKU : 12LEDC-Q200F4B
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Price:PKR 550.00
Supply voltage: 12 to 24V
Output current: 6A

The dimmer adopts advanced PWM control technology to control various constant voltage LED lamps, such as: monochrome LED light bar, LED module, LED light string, etc.; the power supply belongs to the DC low-voltage input mode, and the load output is positive and negative. Loop; is a dimmer that can achieve 0-100% step-by-step dimming and dynamic strobe, burst flash, breathing, dimming and dimming, and blinking modes.

1. This product is a constant voltage controller. The standard product power supply voltage is 12V or 24V,
2. The output is a loop, the maximum current allowed for each channel is 6A, the lamp with 12V30 lamp/m can be 10 meters, and the lamp with 12V60 lamp/m is 10 meters;
3. Using 3-button infrared remote control, the remote control buttons are intuitive and convenient to use, and the remote control distance can reach 8 meters;
4. With power-off memory storage function, each time the power is turned on, the change mode of the last power-off will be retained;
5. Button 1: Breathing, Button 2: Strobe, Button 3: Blink, Button 4: Strobe;

In order to achieve synchronization of more lamps, the power can be expanded with our company's signal amplifier. Please refer to the amplifier specification for specific operations.

Instructions for use
Connect the load line first, then the power line; make sure that there is no short circuit between the connecting lines before powering on ;
When operating, point the remote control at the infrared receiver to ensure that there are no obstacles between the remote control and the receiver;
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